Founder vs. Co-Founders??

I’ve been doing LOTS of reading and research lately on startups and I must admit while it may seem ‘obvious’ many article and entrepreneurs suggest that the co-founder model provides balance for improved startup success. Moreover, I’ve seen a few accelerator programs that require not only at least two co-founders, but one of the co-founders MUST BE an engineer!

We all know of famous co-founders such as Bill Gates & Paul Allen; Steve Jobs & Steve Wozniak; Larry Page & Sergey Brin; Bill Hewlett & Dave Packard, etc. and I personally am ALL about surrounding yourself with an extraordinary team and getting the “best of the best” for each area where you need to succeed! Therefore, I agree with the statement that the co-founder model provides for improved startup success…

While I did not have a co-founder at my digital marketing agency of 15 years (I did have an outstanding team though!!!) I do have co-founders at Angel Dough Ventures and two other of my latest ventures and I will admit, besides someone else “having skin in the game,” when you find the ‘RIGHT’ co-founder(s) who compliments your skills/knowledge it makes the experience that much more enjoyable!!!

I know, I know, easier said than done which is why I want to try to help and share the following Co-Founder Resources with you:

Let me know your thoughts on Founder vs. Co-Founder!!


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