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Entrepreneurs and Students Wanted ASAP!

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Admittedly I have a MAJOR addiction….domain names and start-ups; there I said it!!

Over the past 17+ years I have been procuring domain names and creating multi-million dollar web-based business models. Some of these have been developed and are currently generating millions of dollars of annual revenue but many, many domain names and business models sit idle waiting for YOU and/or your contacts to come a long and take charge!!

So here’s what I am looking for…..

- You have a CAN DO attitude
- You are a Type A person that does not ‘turn on’ at 9am and ‘turn off’ at 5pm…
- You do NOT feel entitled to a one-hour lunch and five personal days a year….
- You don’t just talk a great game….you EXECUTE and get shit done!
- You love to part of a team that takes an idea and turns it into a PROFITABLE business
- While You need guidance, you do NOT need hand holding….
- You are ready to be compensated based on performance and growth!!

You can be a student, intern, part-time, full-time; whatever…I am open!!

I look forward to hearing from YOU or your contacts

LaunchPad LI makes its 1st seed investment

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LaunchPad Long Island, the new startup incubator and co-working facility in Mineola, made its first investment during its grand opening Monday evening.

Andrew Hazen and Richard Foster, the investors behind Long Island’s latest startup hub, announced they had agreed to make an investment into Hauppauge-based, a social gifting service started by the founders of Invision. While Hazen did not reveal the exact investment, he noted it was in the “low five figures.”

We kind of ran parallel paths as we grew both of our companies,” Hazen said of the team. I’ve seen them for well over a decade and know they have the ability to pivot where needed. You’re betting on the jockey in this instance, not necessarily the horse.

This is the third contribution to Hazen has made, first personally investing in the company and then investing through the Long Island Angel Network. In total, he said his contributions to totaled more than $100,000.

With the latest investment, has officially closed its initial angel financing round, which was oversubscribed and brought in more than $1 million. The company, which privately funded itself for its first 18 months, now plans to use the cash infusion to grow its eGifter social gifting service.

Despite the LaunchPad investment, the team will not be relocating to the new Mineola facility, opting instead to stay in Hauppauge at the Long Island Tech Mall.

But the next few investments by the LaunchPad seed fund will likely bring the startup companies under the same roof in Mineola, Hazen said.

Hazen and Foster have already received 50 applications from startups seeking funding. Hazen said the duo will likely set up biweekly pitch sessions, at which time startups can give presentations in hopes of scoring some capital and some new office digs.

Open article as a PDF

Long Island’s First Seed Accelerator and Coworking Community LAUNCHES!

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MINEOLA, New York February 18, 2013 – Long Island’s first seed accelerator and coworking community for early stage ventures has launched! LaunchPad Long Island ( is a 12,000 square foot entrepreneur community at 55 Mineola Boulevard, Mineola, NY which is at the Mineola train station and 35 minutes from New York City. Eric Trump, EVP of Development and Acquisitions at the Trump Organization as well as a Task Advisor and Boardroom Judge on The Apprentice and Mineola Mayor Scott Strauss spoke at the Official Launch Party on February 11, 2013, you can see pictures of the Launch Party on facebook.

LaunchPad Long Island will underwrite at least $250,000 in stipends for Long Island-based startups with guidance from two successful entrepreneurs with startup experience. LaunchPad LI was created to help great entrepreneurs improve the odds of startup success and build successful companies on Long Island! The core mission of LaunchPad LI is to:

• Rapidly launch ideas & concepts that have low startup costs and minimal barriers to success
• Create an entrepreneurial community that fosters collaboration & innovation
• Mentor entrepreneurs and assist them with taking their idea/business to the next level
• Seed the startup of many, many Long Island companies & accelerate their growth
• Inspire entrepreneurs with our Hofstra Zarb Business School Speaker Series
• Create jobs on Long Island

The first of three floors at LaunchPad is the RMF Flight Deck; 2,200+ square feet of open coworking space and a conference room designed for innovation, collaboration and success. Startups and other entrepreneurs can work in this space for as little as $15/day or $250/month. The second floor is more than 6,500 square feet and contains event space sponsored by Bethpage Federal Credit Union (for weekly speakers, mentor meet-ups, Pitch Contests, LISTnet events, Hackathons and more), conference rooms sponsored by Stony Brook University and KPMG and 13 private office suites ranging from $650 to $1,500 a month. The Lounge downstairs, sponsored by Bethpage Federal Credit Union, is for releasing stress as it’s filled with ping pong, foosball, a pool table, plasma tv, an ‘Trep library, couches and more. From writeable walls to bright creative décor, supersonic wifi and a full service 1,500 sq ft LaunchPad Café in the building, businesses will without doubt ignite and soar to new levels at LaunchPad!

LaunchPad Long Island is the brainchild of Andrew Hazen and Richard Foster, both raised on Long Island.

Andrew Hazen, an angel investor, serial entrepreneur, attorney and admitted domain name & startup addict twice sold the Internet marketing company he founded on Long Island. He has also made the INC List of Fastest Growing Companies in both 2007 & 2008. He is now the CEO of Angel Dough Ventures and Of Counsel to Ruskin Moscou Faltischek. Hazen is also the Founder of LI Startups and sits on the Board of LISTnet, the Long Island Angel Network, LI Tech COMETS and Ironically, Hazen started his company in LISTnet’s incubator at Briarcliffe college and now LISTnet and LI Tech COMETS will be moving into Hazen’s LaunchPad.

Richard Foster is a 23 year old gifted entrepreneur who holds seven U.S. Patents for products that have been distributed in fifteen countries and has been named the “Youngest Entrepreneur” by the New York Times. Foster currently serves as the President of Foster Management & Holdings which has over a dozen portfolio companies. Foster also sits on the board of the Long Island Angel Network. “From seed funding, to a prime location for entrepreneurs to grow, to premier event space, LaunchPad has it all,” Foster stated.

“LaunchPad represents a unique collaboration among a broad spectrum of Long Island talent,” comments Michael Faltischek, Chairman of the Long Island Angel Network. “We look forward to supporting the business concepts to be developed at LaunchPad,” Faltischek added.

Hazen & Foster partnered with the Levine Family, owners of the LaunchPad property as well as L&L Paint, a prominent Long Island business for more than 30 years. Michael, Marni & Ross Levine “wholeheartedly believe in LaunchPad LI and the importance it presents to Long Island.”

According to Peter Goldsmith, President of LISTnet, “Long Island’s startup community has the LI Angel Network, COMETS and talented young people with ideas ready to become businesses, but it was missing the place where all this can hatch and take off. Andrew & Rich through LaunchPad LI have provided that missing spark plug that will ignite LI’s Startup Community.” Mineola Mayor Scott Strauss thinks “it’s a great concept and it fits perfectly with our plans to revitalize and reenergize our downtown.”

Long Island startups and early stage ventures have already responded with overwhelming enthusiasm to LaunchPad Long Island as more than 24 companies such as DormFunding,, TurboRoster, Dedicated eMails and RingLead are already inquiring about taking space and a Mineola-based startup has already signed-up for a private office suite! Moreover, Hofstra University, Stony Brook University and Touro Law Center, three major colleges on Long Island, along with Bethpage Federal Credit Union, LISTnet, Ruskin Moscou Faltischek, Eisner Amper and EGC Group are all supporting LaunchPad Long Island.

For additional information please visit or contact Andrew Hazen at or 855-8-LAUNCH.

Long Island Startup Digest – 4th Edition

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Welcome to our fourth edition of Startup Digest – Long Island

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Given the HUGE turnout of 70+ people at our LI Startups Meetup this week, I have LOTS of Long Island Startups to cover like HereMatch, O My Jewelry and

HereMatch is the ultimate business networking tool! A must have app for anyone attending conventions, conferences, trade shows, seminars, business networking groups, and business networking events.
HereMatch is free to download, free to use, and available for immediate download for iPhone and Android.

O My Jewelry is a hollow bracelet that holds your favorite perfume and releases your favorite scent all day! – CollegeStartUp strives to connect students with educational experiences where they can grow into entrepreneurs. On 3/9/13 is having a one-day college startup competition to create and pitch an idea for the chance to win $1,000 cash!

Since we covered The Art of the Elevator Pitch at our last LI Startups meetup, you can see their “pitches” and others at

Upcoming Events

February 6, 2013: First-To-File: Is Your Company Ready for the Upcoming Changes to the Patent Laws?
A collabroative event to discuss how the next wave of changes by the America Invents Avt will affect you and yor business. Learn more and register here.

February 11, 2013: LI Startups and LISTnet’s Lean Startup group have speaker Kuty Shalev of CleverTech presenting on Exploring Practical Examples of Using Lean Startup in Real World Examples. You can join at LI Startups or LISTnet’s Lean Startup group

February 12, 2013: LISTnet’s BEST Event – The “BEST” Resources for Your Company’s Growth! We’ll help put the pieces together. Funding, IDA Programs, Start-Up Programs, Economic Development
The Garden City Hotel 6 pm – 8:30 pm Register Here

You can submit your startup or your event to for consideration in next week’s digest.

For newcomers: The Long Island StartupDigest is an events list, created by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs, that is laser-focused on the needs of start-ups on Long Island.

* StartupDigest is a simple, curated resource for entrepreneurs, it was recently acquired by Startup Weekend and has more than 250,000 international subscribers.

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The Art of the Pitch

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Last week I hosted our second LI Startups meetup that focused on The Art of The Pitch. The event was well attended with over 70 entrepreneurs and after I covered some insight and tips on delivering a better pitch, I asked several people from the group, some even strangers, to “pitch” us all…..and they did!!

Here are some great pictures from the event and I also uploaded some video pitches that I recorded here…..what do you think?


Founder vs. Co-Founders??

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I’ve been doing LOTS of reading and research lately on startups and I must admit while it may seem ‘obvious’ many article and entrepreneurs suggest that the co-founder model provides balance for improved startup success. Moreover, I’ve seen a few accelerator programs that require not only at least two co-founders, but one of the co-founders MUST BE an engineer!

We all know of famous co-founders such as Bill Gates & Paul Allen; Steve Jobs & Steve Wozniak; Larry Page & Sergey Brin; Bill Hewlett & Dave Packard, etc. and I personally am ALL about surrounding yourself with an extraordinary team and getting the “best of the best” for each area where you need to succeed! Therefore, I agree with the statement that the co-founder model provides for improved startup success…

While I did not have a co-founder at my digital marketing agency of 15 years (I did have an outstanding team though!!!) I do have co-founders at Angel Dough Ventures and two other of my latest ventures and I will admit, besides someone else “having skin in the game,” when you find the ‘RIGHT’ co-founder(s) who compliments your skills/knowledge it makes the experience that much more enjoyable!!!

I know, I know, easier said than done which is why I want to try to help and share the following Co-Founder Resources with you:

Let me know your thoughts on Founder vs. Co-Founder!!


Long Island Entrepreneurs: Come Out, Come Out Wheverever You Are!

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As published today in Long Island Business News
Long Islanders looking to cash in on their good ideas but unsure of how to do so have a new resource to help them out.

A new special interest group, created by Angel Dough Ventures founder Andrew Hazen in conjunction with the Long Island Software and Technology Network, will aid would-be entrepreneurs with information and guidance on business formation, product/service development, funding and marketing.

All advice will be provided by local entrepreneurs like Hazen who have successfully brought their ideas to market, as well as experts from other fields such as law.

Hazen said it’s his hope the special interest group helps to create a series of new startup companies in the region.

The group’s first meeting is at 8 a.m. on Dec. 11 at the offices of Uniondale-based Ruskin Moscou Faltischek and there are already over 50 people signed-up to attend.

For more information please visit
Hope to see you there!!

4 Websites to Get Inspired for Your Startup Idea

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Are you looking for the right startup idea? Here are 4 websites that can help you to find the inspiration you are looking for:

Do you want to start something innovative? Check what people miss on the market at IdeasWatch. Creative minds share here (and keep sharing) hundreds of ideas they would love to use if they existed. Thanks to global scope of IdeasWatch you can discuss their business models, technical solution or marketing with other entrepreneurs, investors or geeks from all over the world. The international community also helps to spot similar projects in another country. If you fall in love with one of the ideas you can easily form a team with other people passionate about the same idea and start a business together.

Would you rather start something that already exists and proved itself? Keep an eye on Springwise. More than 8,000 spotters bring new ideas from many countries on daily basis. The editors choose them very carefully to keep the high quality. Feel free to get inspired and try to run a similar idea in your region or in a different way. The website is visually very appealing thanks to pictures and nice headings for each idea. An advantage and drawback at the same time is the number of subscribers – more than 150,000 people receive the same idea, so act quickly!

Cool Business Ideas
Want another source of realized ideas like Springwise? From time to time look at Cool Business Ideas. The concept is practically the same, however, they have a much smaller community of spotters and less subscribers. This makes the ideas more scarce (less people want to do it). There are usually tangible products you might want to import to your country if they are not already there. The ideas differs from Springwise so there is no reason not to check both.

Killer Startups
Looking for emerging internet startups? Subscribe to Killer Startups. This site allows anyone to submit a startup for free. It is therefore popular among early-stage entrepreneurs to promote their projects. From the websites featured in this article, they publish by far the most startups per day (15+). The quality is varying though. Some of the startups turn out later to be quite big,while others keep their school-project-look and never grow up. Nevertheless, both are inspirational. It might not be that hard to catch up when you see a good idea that is poorly realized.

I hope these sites fuel your inspiration and entrepreneurial drive!!