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Dallas Firm Sues ‘Doe’ Defendant Over Online Review

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A Dallas firm has sued an anonymous “Ben Doe” who allegedly wrote a negative Google Review about the firm, a case that highlights the difficulties lawyers face when trying to address online comments.

The Lenahan Law Firm seeks to collect $50,000 from “Ben,” who wrote the review that reads, “Bad experience with this firm. Don’t trust the fake reviews here,” the plaintiff alleges in its petition in In Re “Ben Doe.”

“Discovery will include an investigation into the identity of ‘Ben,’ ” the firm notes, adding that a “subpoena will be served upon Google immediately.”

In the petition, filed Dec. 22, 2011, in Travis County’s 98th District Court, the firm alleges the review is defamatory because it “implies professional incompetence” and “alleges dishonesty and fraudulent conduct by the Plaintiff, though the ‘fake reviews’ were written by actual clients and are bona fide.” [See the Lenahan petition.]

Lenahan Law Firm partner Wes Black says he does not even think “Ben” was a client of his firm. The firm found a review of a cleaning company written by someone under the same online profile. Based on that, Black thinks the reviewer lives in Oregon, and the firm has never represented a person in Oregon.


Lawsuit May Determine Who Owns a Twitter Account

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How much is a tweet worth? And how much does a Twitter follower cost?  We may soon find out as Noah Kravitz’s former employer,, is claiming ownership of the Twitter account he started at the company and is suing for damages.

The question is: Can a company cash in on, and claim ownership of, an employee’s social media account, and if so, what does that mean for workers who are increasingly posting to Twitter, Facebook and Google Plus during work hours?

A lawsuit filed in July could provide some answers.

In October 2010, Noah Kravitz, a writer who lives in Oakland, Calif., quit his job at a popular mobile phone site,, after nearly four years. The site has two parts — an e-commerce wing, which sells phones, and a blog.

While at the company, Mr. Kravitz began writing on Twitter under the name Phonedog_Noah, and over time, had amassed 17,000 followers. When he left, he said, PhoneDog told him he could keep his Twitter account in exchange for posting occasionally.

The company asked him to “tweet on their behalf from time to time and I said sure, as we were parting on good terms,” Mr. Kravitz said by telephone to the New York Times.

And so he began writing as NoahKravitz, keeping all his followers under that new handle. But eight months after Mr. Kravitz left the company, PhoneDog sued, saying the Twitter list was a customer list, and seeking damages of $2.50 a month per follower for eight months, for a total of $340,000.

It will be quite interesting to see how the California court handles this case…I will keep you posted!


Online Opportunities With Your Offline Network

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We’re all aware that strategic networking can significantly increase our business while allowing us to meet and help others.  Companies such as LinkedIn base their business model around it… But it is shocking to realize that a majority of business networking exists offline, which leaves tremendous Internet and other electronic networking opportunities unexplored with your offline network.

Traditional networking involves people getting together to discuss objectives, such as potential new customers, and searching for ways to help others attract business. Those that excel at networking are continuously seeking out new methods to assist others, such as asking existing clients if they are interested in the products or services of others in their network.

In addition to in-person events, marketers need to consider how Internet marketing can play an integral role in a successful networking campaign. Take the following case, for example: Lauren Hutton, a very well-known model and actress, has her own makeup line available at In searching for ways that Lauren can effectively and efficiently promote her product line, here is how the strategic Internet networking component comes into play:  After first identifying Lauren’s target audience, which is females ranging in age from 35 to 75, the best strategic path would include the following key elements:

An introductory offer sent via email
Such an email enables Lauren to inexpensively test offers such as discounts, free shipping and the ever-popular “buy one item and get another at a special price.” But first, we/Lauren must determine who will receive the offers. Again, Internet networking comes into play. Given Lauren’s target audience and our offline network/contacts, New York-based is a great strategic partner because its’ customer base represents the perfect demographic for Lauren’s product offering(s).

The email list contains 250,000+ names and email addresses of women aged 35 to 65 who buy shoes on the web. The bonus is that these women are already experienced and accustomed to purchasing online, so they should be comfortable shopping and buying Lauren’s products at

Lauren may encourage to distribute her information/email blast for free by either cross-promoting the site’s products in her email blasts or on her site, or by offering to compensate the company on a cost-per-acquisition basis. For example, for every order that Lauren receives based on the email blast, she might compensate to the tune of $15. Once details of the partnership are ironed out, LoveMyShoes sends the offer to its database directly, making it CAN-SPAM compliant.

Many other online networking opportunities also exist for Lauren. One of the people in my offline network sells high-end homes with values exceeding $1 million. Thus, his email list is a perfect fit for Lauren as it contains affluent women in the 35 – 50 age range. The same goes for high-end gyms and spas; targeting women via email who are fitness-obsessed and who want to look great too.

A display ad or promotion on a strategic partner’s website
In addition to introductory emails, acquiring real estate on networking contacts’ websites also works extremely well by putting businesses in front of their ideal audiences.

Take Metro Candy, for example. Prior to the Halloween season, it networked with a large Halloween costume website. The two websites promoted each other via display ads and promos. The partnership offers a prime example of Internet networking at its finest — both a trick and a treat that gave customers looking for Halloween costumes access to a huge stash of candy at a deep discount!

Networking affiliates
Does establishing networking affiliates involve paying other parties to be included in their email blasts or on their websites? Not necessarily. Marketers can avoid the exchange of money in online networking relationships and instead pursue free cross-promotions among related brands.

Another acceptable alternative involves offering others in your networking group a flat fee for each order or lead you acquired, which is typically referred to as cost-per-acquisition (CPA) deal. In a cost-per-acquisition model, one party compensates the other if and only if a beneficial conversion occurs, which could be in the form of a sale, lead, download, signup or other action.

When networking, it pays to take the extra step of exploring the many existing online opportunities within your offline circle. Think of it as profitable social networking for your business!


Make Your Opinion Count – Be Heard

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Ever wonder if your opinion REALLY counts? Do companies REALLY care what you have to say about their products and services?

Believe it or not THEY DO! Check out this video for more info


Twitter is Receiving 300,000 New Users Per Day

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The Twitter bandwagon continues adding 300,000 new users per day, making the trendy microblogging service a hot commodity in the web world. CEO Ev Williams revealed this week that the company now boasts an impressive 145 million registered users, up from 105 million just four months ago.

Williams also revealed another interesting numbers tidbit in that sixteen percent of new users join the site via a mobile device rather than the the web. Mobile apps and the recent debut of Twitter for iPad could also help rope in new members accessing the site on the go.


The 300,000 Biggest Websites, Visualized

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How do the 288,945 most heavily trafficked sites on the internet stack up against each other?  Take a very close look at this chart to find out!

This was taken from – pretty cool eh?


Golfer Jim Furyk Gets Disqualified from Pro-Am Because of Oversleeping

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There’s no question that the PGA Tour is one of the most idolized golf tournaments in existence. Some golfers would give their left arm just for a chance to play at the PGA Tour. Others, like Jim Furyk, would prefer to sleep in.

Jim Furyk’s cell phone alarm did not go off Wed. morning making him late for his pro-am tee time at the Barclays, the first of four FedEx playoff events. According to the PGA Tour rules, if you don’t participate in the pro-am you are automatically disqualified from the PGA Tour. Here are the sequence of events that took place during Jim’s hectic morning (via

  • Furyk woke up at 7:23 AM, 7 minutes before his official tee time.
  • Jim threw on whatever clothers were lying around and arrived 12 minutes later.
  • There was a shotgun start at 7:30 AM and Jim was starting at the 11th hole making it nearly impossible for him to make it on time (and he didn’t).

Fortunately for Furyk, he sits at #3 in the current standings and is expected not to fall too far below the standings because of today. Still, you bet that for round #2, Jim will be hiring every wake up call service in America.

Obviously, Jim did not get his mattress from Sleepy’s nor as this would never have happened with a great night’s sleep!!

Now see who else has Been Caught Sleeping


Facebook is Going Places with Check-In Offering

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Facebook launched a feature Wednesday evening allowing members to share real-life locations with online friends, as expected. The feature, Places, along with an iPhone app, rolls out in the U.S. first, but the plan is to launch the app in other countries and on other smartphones.

The feature requires using the new iPhone application or logging into the smartphone site on a phone that supports GPS auto-location. The product has been in a test phase for the past several months.

From Facebook’s headquarters in Palo Alto, Calif., Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook CEO and founder, explained how Places helps members share their location, allows them to see who’s around them, and provides a discovery tool for new businesses nearby.

This should play out very interesting once you start “bumping into” ex-lovers, bosses, etc.; especially when you are with your spouse and family!! Of course the Check-In offering is optional….be careful!


7 eMails You Should NEVER Send

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Read a good article this morning from iMediaConnection which reiterates some best practices in eMail marketing such as including social media links/icons; sending emails that includes test (not just images); put the Call To Action above the fold, etc.

I am constantly amazed how many companies do NOT conduct subject line testing nor have any method to their send/drop dates!  And when I ask if they look at the analytics of their dates/times sent, subject lines used, Call To Action, button color, etc., etc. they look at me like I am from outerspace….enough said!!

Enjoy the article from iMedia Connection

Have You Been Caught?

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Have you ever caught yourself falling asleep in a meeting? in a classroom? boardroom? or on the job?

We recently launched a new client site called – this hilarious destination will have you rolling in laughter as you get a glimpse of people who have Been Caught Sleeping!

Please feel free to submit your photos and videos – the ones with the most votes will win cash prizes!