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My Destination – Clandestine

Posted on December 4th, 2011 by AndrewHazenCom  |  No Comments »

You may or may not know that I am a published poet and I wrote LOTS of poems throughout high school and college.  Below is one of my favorite poems, which I wrote 17 years ago this week on 12/1/94 and I am amazed at the experiences and life I have lived these past 17 years; what a trip it has been and it only gets better!!  The best part is, my destination is still clandestine (GRIN)…

My Destination – Clandestine

Follow me along my path,
the rocky floor is surprisingly stable.
Awareness dissipates into a dark cavern.
Instinct begins to linger,
thoughts are followed by action.
Repercussions overlooked,
neither fear nor anger exists.
Striving towards success,
obstacles become endurable.
Living, Learning, Loving
the earth rotates beneath my feet.

Questions pertaining to life initiate,
knowledge is what I aspire.
Stranded as a mortal,
reality is something I cannot elude.
Responsibility lunges at my back,
leaping ahead I eventually get struck down.
Climbing up to higher ground,
experience fills my pockets.
each step becomes more difficult.
Voices, Visions, Vulnerable
Enigma begins to beckon, I am ready…

Wandering through time,
no chance for stability.
Trying to plan ahead,
my eyes can only see so far.
Decisions lead to independence,
the child inside begins to evolve.
I realize now death is inevitable.
Caring, Concerned, Cautious
My destination – clandestine.

- Andrew