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BulletSafe Acquires

Posted on August 12th, 2013 by AndrewHazenCom  |  No Comments »

BulletSafe, home of the $299 Level IIIA Bullet Proof Vest, announced today that it has acquired the domain name for $7,500 from a domain name investor.

BulletSafe is owned by PriveCo, Inc. In the past, PriveCo has purchased premium domain names for up to $1,000,000. PriveCo has run internet web stores since 1998, and understands the importance of simple, recognizable, and easily-searchable domain names. The acquisition of is just one more thing that establishes BulletSafe as a reputable player in the defensive protection industry.

After doing some research of my own, I see was registered in April 1998 and has never been developed….In my opinion, $7,500 is an extremely reasonable purchase price to “own” a category such as bullet proof vests.