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I KNOW What YOU Did and I KNOW Where YOU Are!

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Most know that I am an angel investor and admitted domain name addict; however most do not know that I am also an attorney specializing in Digital Media law, Internet law and Corporate law with New York’s leading law firm Ruskin Moscou Faltischek.

With the tragic events in Boston yesterday, the Internet lawyer inside me wanted to look for the Cybersquatters (a/k/a scum) that take advantage of a national tragedy by registering related domain names ONLY in an effort to PROFIT from these horrific events. While I was hoping to find nothing, that is SELDOM the case…..
registered on 4/15/13 by
Mr. Myers – imdone97(at)
Queen Anne, MD 21657

At the time of this post, this domain name currently brings up a business that sells gift cards – WTF??
registered on 4/15/13 by
Phillip Barton – philzinvesting(at)
Rocky Mount, NC 27804

This person appears to be a cybersquatter and is undeniably trying to sell this domain name as it says on the website “Premium Key-Word Rich Domains For Sale! Would you this Domain? Please email me to negotiate a transfer….”

NOTE – this makes me sick!!!
registered on 4/15/13 and while there is a “private registration” (for $9 extra per year) so we cannot see who registered this domain name….the site is a “memorial site” (if you can say that) and states:

“DO NOT: Donate to any funds or Facebook groups that popped up 10 mins after the event occurred. The Red Cross is your best bet if you’re planning on contributing to the relief effort.
Join the discussion at
for info regarding this domain or if you have a legitimate, charitable use for it, contact”
registered on 4/15/13 and while there is a “private registration” (for $9 extra per year) the site does redirect to the American Red Cross site, specifically for the Boston Marathon
registered on 4/15/13 but the Cybersquatter did a “private registration” (for $9 extra) so we cannot see what low life registered this….the website is “parked” which essentially means they are trying to make money from the website/domain name by people clicking on links within the site.

There are more domain names and I will update this post with my findings…..

To all you Cybersquatters listed above, I hereby DEMAND that you forward these domains to a real 501(c)3 non-profit such as American Red Cross, etc.

Oh, besides being an attorney in New York, I am ALSO admitted to practice law in the Common Wealth of Massachusetts so be prepared!!


Startup Digest – Long Island edition

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As reported in Newsday, ThermoLift nets $1.5M from LI Angel Network for its disruptive heat pump!

NOTE – this is the second investment of the new year for the Long Island Angel Network (GroupGifting investment 2/11/13) and Chairman Michael Faltischek, Partner of Ruskin Moscou Faltischek says the LI Angel Network is “conducting additional due diligence on potential deals; especially since its successful Presentation Night at LaunchPad Long Island

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