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Lawsuit May Determine Who Owns a Twitter Account

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How much is a tweet worth? And how much does a Twitter follower cost?  We may soon find out as Noah Kravitz’s former employer,, is claiming ownership of the Twitter account he started at the company and is suing for damages.

The question is: Can a company cash in on, and claim ownership of, an employee’s social media account, and if so, what does that mean for workers who are increasingly posting to Twitter, Facebook and Google Plus during work hours?

A lawsuit filed in July could provide some answers.

In October 2010, Noah Kravitz, a writer who lives in Oakland, Calif., quit his job at a popular mobile phone site,, after nearly four years. The site has two parts — an e-commerce wing, which sells phones, and a blog.

While at the company, Mr. Kravitz began writing on Twitter under the name Phonedog_Noah, and over time, had amassed 17,000 followers. When he left, he said, PhoneDog told him he could keep his Twitter account in exchange for posting occasionally.

The company asked him to “tweet on their behalf from time to time and I said sure, as we were parting on good terms,” Mr. Kravitz said by telephone to the New York Times.

And so he began writing as NoahKravitz, keeping all his followers under that new handle. But eight months after Mr. Kravitz left the company, PhoneDog sued, saying the Twitter list was a customer list, and seeking damages of $2.50 a month per follower for eight months, for a total of $340,000.

It will be quite interesting to see how the California court handles this case…I will keep you posted!


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My Destination – Clandestine

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You may or may not know that I am a published poet and I wrote LOTS of poems throughout high school and college.  Below is one of my favorite poems, which I wrote 17 years ago this week on 12/1/94 and I am amazed at the experiences and life I have lived these past 17 years; what a trip it has been and it only gets better!!  The best part is, my destination is still clandestine (GRIN)…

My Destination – Clandestine

Follow me along my path,
the rocky floor is surprisingly stable.
Awareness dissipates into a dark cavern.
Instinct begins to linger,
thoughts are followed by action.
Repercussions overlooked,
neither fear nor anger exists.
Striving towards success,
obstacles become endurable.
Living, Learning, Loving
the earth rotates beneath my feet.

Questions pertaining to life initiate,
knowledge is what I aspire.
Stranded as a mortal,
reality is something I cannot elude.
Responsibility lunges at my back,
leaping ahead I eventually get struck down.
Climbing up to higher ground,
experience fills my pockets.
each step becomes more difficult.
Voices, Visions, Vulnerable
Enigma begins to beckon, I am ready…

Wandering through time,
no chance for stability.
Trying to plan ahead,
my eyes can only see so far.
Decisions lead to independence,
the child inside begins to evolve.
I realize now death is inevitable.
Caring, Concerned, Cautious
My destination – clandestine.

- Andrew