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Paid-Search Budgets Rise 26% For High-Tech Firms

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According to MediaPost, High-tech companies spent 26% more on paid-search advertising in 1Q, compared with the year-ago quarter, and 6.4% sequentially, according to a report that search marketing firm Covario plans to release this week.

While the year-over-year percentage might seem a little steep, it’s important to note that spending dropped nearly 15% between 4Q 2009 and first-quarter 2010. Not since 2007, however, have companies in the high-tech industry invested more in paid-search campaigns during the first quarter, compared with the fourth.

In Covario’s 2010 end-of-year analysis, the company recommended that clients increase global paid-search budgets by 15% to 20% for 2011, compared with last year’s budgets. The company suggested the necessary increase would help high-tech companies maintain market share.

Cost-per-click (CPC) increases drove two-thirds of the growth in spending during the past two quarters worldwide. Improved monetization techniques by the search engines, such as Google, as well as purchases of expensive generic search terms propelled increases.

Covario expects click-through rates, CPCs and overall spending to increase on Google this year as a result of the impact Google Instant has on transferring clicks from natural search to paid search. The company “documented a rise of between 3% and 4% of all clicks transferring to paid search, meaning advertisers need to spend more on paid search for keywords where they do rank highly on natural search in order to maintain the same levels of traffic and conversions,” according to the report. (These are the listings where clicks will be transferred to paid search.)

Globally, advertisers spent 25% more on Google in the first quarter, compared with the year-ago quarter. Spending on Yahoo rose 28%; and Bing, 3.7%. Bing’s strength in the U.S. market drove weak investments throughout APAC and EMEA in the world, according to Covario.

In conversations with clients, Covario says the rise of CPCs and CPA rates in the U.S. continues to prompt companies to look overseas for large gains in paid-search advertising returns.

When breaking out campaign budgets for paid search globally this year, the Americas will get 60%, up between 8% and 12%, compared with the prior year. The APAC region will account for 22% of budgets — up between 20% and 25%; and EMEA at 18%, up between 30% and 35%, compared with 2010.

As for the Americas, Covario expects market share for Bing and Yahoo on the combined platform to stabilize this year at between 25% and 30%.

Google Ordered to Disclose Parked Domains Metrics

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According to MediaPost, A judge presiding over a potential class-action lawsuit by search marketers against Google has ordered the company to divulge financial metrics associated with its “parked domain” and “errors” program, which place ads on sites with no editorial content.

The data that Google must disclose concerns its assessment of the quality of sites within its AdSense network, including its parked domain and errors pages. Among other information, Google must reveal the “conversion score value of the property source” — defined in the court order as “a metric Google uses to price clicks from Web sites contained in its network.”

Also, Google must reveal the “smart pricing discount,” or the discount that Google applies to clicks on some of its AdSense properties.

U.S. District Court Magistrate Judge Howard Lloyd in San Jose, Calif. ruled that Google should share this information with the marketers that are suing. The theory is that it sheds light into Google’s pricing formula for its parked domain program.

The legal battle between the marketers and Google dates back to 2008, when several companies filed lawsuits complaining that Google shouldn’t have placed them in its AdSense for Domains and AdSense for Errors programs. Those programs often serve ads on typo sites that people tend to visit by accident.

The marketers alleged that such pages are low-quality and yield fewer purchases or other conversions than ads that appear on Google’s search results pages. The marketers also said they believed that clicks on ads on parked domains “were unlikely to lead to desirable business outcomes, and that placement on such pages could damage their brands.”

Google counters that parked-domain ads “perform as well as or better than ads on Search and Display Network sites.” The company also argues in court papers that it didn’t mislead or harm any of the plaintiffs by placing their ads on parked domains or error sites. Google recently lost a bid to dismiss the lawsuit before trial, which means the marketers that are suing can continue to gather evidence in the case.

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.ORG, The Public Interest Registry Waives Renewal Fees for Japanese Registrants Affected by the Recent Disaster

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In light of the recent disasters that have devastated Japan, .ORG, The Public Interest Registry( ) (PIR) today announced a plan to waive renewal fees for Japanese domain name holders who are unable to renew their .ORG domain names. Together with PIR, more than 17 participating Registrars have committed to automatically renew for one year at no cost the .ORG domain names that would unintentionally expire due to the inability of the owner in Japan to re-up their registration. Affected names will include those with expiration dates within the March 11 – June 11, 2011 period.

“The recent earthquake in Japan and the destruction that followed has shocked and saddened everyone, including the Internet community,” said Brian Cute, CEO of .ORG, The Public Interest Registry. “Survivors have been left without the basic necessities, let alone Internet capabilities. By waiving the renewal fees and working with our Registrars, we are protecting .ORG registrants in Japan from losing their domain names during a time when they and their country need to focus on sustaining and rebuilding. PIR’s goal, along with our valuable partners, is to assist in any way we can.”

Participating registrars include: Inc.( ), Ascio( ), INDOM( ), ), Net 4 India Limited( ), Discount Domains Ltd( )., ),, Blacknight Internet Solutions( ), Dotster, Inc.( ), ), Spirit Domains( ), Advanced Internet Technologies( ), Japan Registry Services Co.( ), PSI-Japan( ), Network Solutions( ), NameSecure( ), ).

To view an up-to-date list of participating registrars, please visit

Don’t Mess with Trump When It Comes To His Domain

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I have had the great pleasure and experience of working with The Trump Organization on various projects from Trump Vegas to Trump Chicago, 40 Wall Street and most recently The Ivanka Trump Jewelry Collection

The Trump Organization has devoted, passionate and loyal people in its organization…something we all strive for within our businesses and when it comes to domain names, Don’t Mess with Trump!

A recent WIPO Decision reports that The Trump Organization has successfully won and took possession of, and from Web-adviso of Brooklyn, NY (the domains were registered with GoDaddy.

You can read the WIPO Decision here

Additional reports from WIPO reveal that The Trump Organization has successfully taken possession of, and….

NOTE/DISCLAIMER…I did purchase on the aftermarket but have given the domain to my friends at The Trump Organization and of course have the domain pointing to our Trump Vegas Condos project….

Bottom line folks…Don’t Mess with Trump when it comes to HIS Domain!!

Have a great and productive day!