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Bob Marley’s Family Wins Lawsuit…Bobblehead STOPS Nodding

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As some of you may know, in addition to investing and collecting domain names, I also invest and collect bobbleheads….I just learned this week that a federal judge has ruled against a company that has been using legendary Bob Marley image in making and selling toys and apparel, including Bob Marley bobbleheads.  I have a few in my collection; it’s next to the blue dancing bear….

Leo Valencia, owner of Avela, has been ordered to pay Marley’s family $300,000 in damages after the family complained that they didn’t want to see Bob Marley’s image portrayed on bobbleheads and plush toys.

The judge is expected to award more damages after determining if there was more profit lost because of unfair competition.

Being a domainer and Marley-fan, I checked the domains and see that seems somewhat legit and WhoIs shows registration to bob marley music inc.; however, and are parked and .net has on its first line that the domain is for sale… sad!!  Here is some more detail on the story


Ziff Davis Launches Ad Platform and Acquires a Coupon Company

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Digital publishers looking to supplement ad revenue may want to look toward Ziff Davis. The company on Tuesday unveiled the launch of the ad platform BuyerBase and revealed the acquisition of, which provides tech deals and coupons.

BuyerBase, an audience-based ad-targeting platform, relies, in part, on a piece of code embedded in more than 100 content and commerce Web sites owned by Ziff Davis and third-party companies. The unidentified “collection of properties” under BuyerBase gets more than 40 million site visitors and generates more than a billion buying signals monthly. The companies agreed to provide Ziff Davis with the data to integrate into the platform.

Integrating the technology from the acquisition, the platform will serve up deals and coupons on specific technology across Ziff Davis properties such as It will tap into relationships with tech manufacturers and retailers to bring deals to site visitors.

According to what I read in Media Post, Ziff Davis CEO Vivek Shah makes no qualms about it. “We want to reinvent the publishing model that connects content, data and commerce,” he says “This strategy is a three-leg stool and we just added two that we didn’t have.”


Domaining at 9 Years Old

Posted on January 2nd, 2011 by AndrewHazenCom  |  2 Comments »

First and foremost, a Happy, Healthy & Successful New Year to you and your loved ones; may 2011 be an epic year for you!!

As some of you may know, my 9 year old son @SpencerHazen is extremely computer savvy and quite the animator!  Some of his recent animations include:

Grateful Dead New Year’s Eve Bobble Concert

Behind the Scenes of Michael Jackson’s Smooth Criminal

Michael Jackson Bobblehead Concert

Super Spencer Bro

I am SO PROUD of Spencer for following his passion and also following through on his projects from start to finish! Today was the icing on the cake when he told me that he wanted to acquire a domain name that wasn’t available!!

Technically, Spencer’s been in the domain space since 2001 when we registered (he was 4 days old) but today at the tender age of 9, he asked me to purchase a domain for him that was already registered by someone else but not being used…

I did a little due diligence and saw that the ‘asking price’ for the domain name was $1,000 and while the ad sense revenue is so-so on it certainly hasn’t earned $1k yet (GRIN).  So as a domainer/parent, I contacted the owner of the domain name and offered $200 for the domain name; a price I found to be fair and reasonable…

Needless to say that in less than two hours we received an accepting response from the domain owner, I sent the $200 into SEDO’s escrow and now we are in the process of transferring the domain name.

I have an extremely, extraordinary positive outlook on the future of domaining…think about it, if a 9 year old is looking to buy/acquire domains then it’s inevitable that the demand for domain names WILL continue to increase.

Have a Happy, Healthy and Successful New Year!!