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Sunday is Known as Coupon Day

Posted on July 25th, 2010 by AndrewHazenCom  |  No Comments »

Sundays are best known as coupon day..find ALL the coupons you need here

I also see that dropped and is available of this morning.

Have a GREAT day, stay cool and get your coupons at

@AndrewHazen Sells for $15k+

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I noticed this morning in my Domain Closing Auctions report that was up for auction via SEDO…..

After checking out the auction listing, I decided that it would be worth $2k to purchase; the auction was to end around 12:15pm EST today….Of course I got lost in the day and when I just checked the SEDO auction page, I was pleasantly surprised to see that the domain sold for $15,112 – (of course I wouldn’t be pleasantly surprised if I really wanted to buy it, LOL)

Who do you think bought this??


7 eMails You Should NEVER Send

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Read a good article this morning from iMediaConnection which reiterates some best practices in eMail marketing such as including social media links/icons; sending emails that includes test (not just images); put the Call To Action above the fold, etc.

I am constantly amazed how many companies do NOT conduct subject line testing nor have any method to their send/drop dates!  And when I ask if they look at the analytics of their dates/times sent, subject lines used, Call To Action, button color, etc., etc. they look at me like I am from outerspace….enough said!!

Enjoy the article from iMedia Connection

Have You Been Caught?

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Have you ever caught yourself falling asleep in a meeting? in a classroom? boardroom? or on the job?

We recently launched a new client site called – this hilarious destination will have you rolling in laughter as you get a glimpse of people who have Been Caught Sleeping!

Please feel free to submit your photos and videos – the ones with the most votes will win cash prizes!