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Targeted T.R.A.F.F.I.C. Milan Live Auction Results

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Following are the unofficial live domain auction results of the Targeted TRAFFIC Auction held in Milan, Italy yesterday. Out of 223 domains listed, 71 were sold in the live auction for a total of 406,350 Euro (appx. $536,544 USD). The top sales were:

  1. (90,000 EUR, appx.118,836 USD)
  2. (70,000 EUR, appx.92,428 USD)
  3. (40,000 EUR, appx. 52,816 USD)
  4. (17,500 EUR, appx. 23.107 USD)
  5. (13,500 EUR, appx. 17,825 USD)


Please see the full results here


Domains that are Dropping

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Here are some domain names that are about to drop, or have just dropped and are available for hand registration….as I always say, if one of these domains are related to your true passion than Go For It! – I know, I know we are suppose to be in a down economy but trust me, people are still eating caviar!  This is a very good domain if you sell caviar or just love to eat it and want to start an online business. – good URL for a blog, eBook or forum for parents to discuss and advise on their children’s sleep. – great domain for an eCommerce shop on explorer tools and related products…maps, binoculars, etc., etc.

Results from Rick Latona’s $1k Reserve Domain Auction

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The following domain names were sold today at Rick Latona’s $1k Reserve 1 Day Premium Auction: – $1,000 – $2,600 $1,125 – $2,625 – $3,200 – $2,750 – $2,100 – $1,000 – $1,000 – $1,000 – $1,650 – $1,925 – $1,000 – $1,465 – $2,700 – $2,600 – $1,000 – $1,555 – $1,000 – $2,266 – $5,250 – $1,325 – $3,600 – $2,995 – $1,000 – $2,650 – $2,375 $2 ,900 – $1,650 $2,155 – $1,000 – $1,000 – $1,655  $1,925 – $1,025 – $1,175 – $1,000 – $2,901 – $3,088 -$2,855 – $1,175 – $3,751 – $3,700 – $1,344

LI Domainers – Come Out, Come Out Wherever You Are!

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I have had the great pleasure of meeting some of Long Island’s prominent domainers whose domain portfolios are QUITE impressive….and while there have been some great domainer meet-ups in NYC..mainly thanks to Elliot; I’d like to see a domainers meet-up on Long Island.  Between myself and about five others….let’s schedule a meet-up while the weather is getting better!

If you have a true passion for domains/domaining and have an interest in the meet-up please let me know….


Join The Club…The Greeting Card Club

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The greeting card industry is quite interesting and highly profitable….think about it…$2 – $9 for a card that costs $.50 to make…nice business!  However, it can also be viewed as a chore or hassle to have to remember to buy cards for every occasion . . .

My good friend and camp buddy growing-up had a marvelous idea to create an online greeting card club that would automatically send you the cards you need, in advance, for upcoming occasions and even address the envelopes for customers so all that have to do is sign the card….pretty good idea!  Think about it….how many lazy males and/or ultra busy women would love to pay $X per month or every three months to have greeting cards picked and delivered for them….what a time saver!

So now of course my friend just has a beautiful baby boy and his regular job is keeping him from taking his business plan to the next step….

Anyone interested in his domains which include:

Let me know…..this could be interesting and a great business for an artist!


Rick Latona’s Auction Platform is LIVE…

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Today the domaining world has changed and this should have a huge impact for domainers:

Our friend and fellow domainer Rick Latona just launched his ‘Daily Domain Auctions’ at, yes DAILY!

To kick off the new auction format his first auction will include 120 names from his own inventory at no reserve:



Who Bought Finally An Answer!

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As you may know, recently sold for $375,000….as someone who was personally bidding on the domain, I have been VERY curious as to who made the acquisition….Newsday? nope…Channel 12? nope….Long Island Business News? nope….

After checking the WhoIs registry more times then I care to admit, I FINALLY got the info I was so desperately seeking….drum roll please—- was acquired by Internet Point, Inc. who is displaying the logo on its website as well as news of its acquisition….

The domain is registered to Ralph Cristello who you can learn more about at

Congratulations on your purchase Ralph….let’s chat soon!


Available Domains About To Drop…

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Haven’t done this in a while, but ever hour that I see domain names dropping, I see SO MANY opportunities…some I will share with you now: – good domain for an eBook or membership site all focused on Pay Per Click (PPC) – more and more recently I have heard Scott’s Lawn radio commercials…this name speaks volumes as to the content you can develop here as well as monetize…from Gardening/Lawn books to Lawnmovers, lawn bags, lawn fertilizers, lawn seeds, etc.,  etc. – it’s endless with Videos, How-To Guides…I could go on and on (shit maybe I’ll buy this one myself for $9, LOL) – not as exciting (to me) as above but this too can be monetized nicely if you are passionate about kites.

Have a great day everyone, I’ll be back with more later…..


Mini Site Performance Q1 2010

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Having been inspired by Elliot’s Blog, Fusible and Morgan who posted traffic and revenue for some of their mini sites… I thought I would do the same.  As a SEO guy, I thought it would also be interesting to see how my mini sites perform to others (mainly domainers) as I do all my own SEO.  Admittedly, I haven’t done a lot of affiliate offers….but I’d like to…. You may also know that one my personal hobbies is growing my Coupon Network . . . it is from here I will share some data:
Domain Cost – $9
Development Costs: $500
Q1 Pageviews: 58,000+
Q1 PPC Revenue: $1,700+
Affiliate Revenue: $1,000+
Domain Cost – $9
Development Costs: $500
Q1 Pageviews: 94,000
Q1 PPC Revenue: $1,600+
Affiliate Revenue: $1,500+
Domain Cost – $9
Development Costs: $400
Q1 Pageviews: 42,788
Q1 PPC Revenue: $1,500+
Affiliate Revenue: n/a

I believe the lesson to be learned here is that while category killer domain names absolutely ROCK, you can still have fun and make some decent revenues with hand registered domain names for $9 (GRIN)….enjoy the beautiful day!