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The Prom Guide

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I saw today that became available for hand-registration (i.e. $8)

With more than 1,500,000  exact searches per month for prom; 250,000 exact searches for prom dresses; 135,000 searches for prom hairstyles; 50,000 for prom shoes; 33,000 for prom night and so and so on; is a great domain for a prom directory and/or planning resource… is for planning Bar/Bat Mitzvahs.

You can setup a great content site and monetize with text/display ads and sponsored listings.  You can also sign-up for relevant affiliate programs and generate affiliate revenue…..I suggest a combination of both and lots of email acquisition opportunities…..something we setup with

Searchers Will Not ‘Passover’

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As the jewish holiday of Passover begins tonight, I look forward to gathering with my family and loved ones.  As a domainer, I ALWAYS look forward to jewish holidays because I own and developed, which typically experiences a nice surge of search traffic and spike in direct traffic right before and during the major jewish holidays.

I wholeheartedly believe that given the proper resources and passion, this site is a serious success!

One thing I do know, searchers will not ‘passover’ this week!

Disclaimer: I also own

Good to Great…it’s all about the people

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I have been reading the book Good to Great: Why Some Companies Make the Leap… and Others Don’t by Jim Collins and it is essentially a study that was done over a number of years that looked at companies that went from good to great and those that didn’t…it also goes over similarities and differences between those companies that went from Good to Great and those that didn’t…

A common theme throughout the book is culture, leadership and the people….and how it plays a factor in companies going from Good to Great….

I literally put down the book and head out for a haircut to SuperCuts (i need a simple buzz and trim haircut) at 4:50pm on a Sunday…when I get there four hairstylist are working and I already begin to hear one or two say….”This is my last haircut, then I can’t do more, I gotta get out of here”…..then the phone rings….”Don’t answer it, tell them we are closed at 5….I need to get out of here”….all this time I am sitting waiting for a haircut and clearly don’t want one of the “unhappy” SuperCuts team members cutting my hair (too bad as I am an excellent tipper!).  Bottom line, if this was Boss Undercover, SuperCuts management would NOT be happy….trust me!

To the contrary, my wife and I recently founded our own 501(c)3 non-profit charity called ODASH …..I went to Chase bank to setup the proper bank accounts and as I was leaving the bank my cell phone rang and it was Chase congratulating me on my recent incorporation of ODASH and asked if I had any banking needs….quite a different experience that what I ad with SuperCuts…I actually thought Chase was monitoring me from their parking lot before they made the call…LOL  Bottom line is that I had a much more positive customer experience with Chase – thank you Chase!

Come Learn About Social Medial Tools for Your Business

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If you are in the Long Island area and have some flexible time today (3/23/10) from 11 – 2, come check out the AITP presentation on Social Media at The Huntington Hilton on Long Island.

I’ll be presenting social media tools for business with @DCPinkowitz  

Here’s the roster:

Pre-Session 11:00 am – 12:00 noon (wine and cheese included):

“Pros and Cons of the Social Media Tools for Small and Large Businesses”

Andrew Hazen, Founder & CEO, Prime Visibility and

David Pinkowitz, Founder, DCP Marketing Services

Luncheon Panel 12:00 – 2:00pm:

Bill Taub, VP, Global IT Security, CA

Presenting “Security Implications of Social Media Networks”

Vincent Raguseo, VP Ecommerce Marketing and Merchandising, 1-800-Flowers

Presenting “E-Commerce utilizing Social Media Networks”

Prof. Jonathan I. Ezor, Asst. Prof. of Law and Technology, Touro Law College

Presenting “Legal Implications of Social Media Networks”

Brian E. Boyd Sr., CEO, TrakVu, LLC –

Presenting “SMB Development utilizing Social Media Networks”

Hope to see you there….have a great day!

7 Available Domain Names to Consider

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I have been scanning through lists of domain names that are available or about to drop and thought I would put the following domain names on your radar: (a portal all about optics and optical products) (a travel.tour guide to Arizona) (info on how to get sober) (great for a ski directory) (an internet coupon site) (a baby portal)

As I always maintain….if you are passionate about any of these topics you can use these domains to build a successful website!  VRY7MAH76UFD

NYC Bound for The Learning Annex Internet Marketing Expo

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Really looking forward to speaking LIVE this morning at The Learning Annex Internet Marketing Expo and seeing Marc Ostrofsky who sold speak as well.

Join us if you are in NYC…..

What Can an Overworked Entrepreneur Do Right Now In Order to Work Less?

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Read a good snippet in INC Magazine that suggests you do a 80/20 analysis.  Identify the 20% of activities and lcients that produce 80% of your revenue, and then the 20% of activities and clients that consume 80% of your time.

Then, set a reminder to pop-up on your computer at least 3 times per day that asks, “Am I being productive or am I just being busy?

Let me know how it goes

- @AndrewHazen