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Earthquake in Chile – and here Goes the Domains…

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As I vented in my post on the Austin Plane Crash  I started looking last night at Chile-realted Earthquake domains that were being registered; and who was registering them (i.e. real organizations or people trying to monetize a tragedy?)

I was sort of surprised to see that was registered in December 2004

However, the following have JUST been registered: (registered 2/27/10) (registered 2/27/10) (registered 2/27/10) a live with pictures and Google Ads (when I checked, it was serving public Announcement Ads) (registered 2/27/10) (ergistered 2/27/10) – (registered 2/27/10) a live site ALREADY taking Donations – not sure how official it is!

The list goes on and on and as I always say – PLEASE do not monetize someone elses tragedy….be sure to see (note – I am not affiliated with this site) I belief it is a good cause.

Some ‘Guide’ Related Domains

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Just noticed some semi-decent Guide-related domains that are pending delete and should be available soon for hand registration.  The list inlcudes: (lots of ways to approach this from a content perspective) (great for an eBook on how to become a singer) (could be interesting) (easy to monetize)

As I always say, if one of these topics are something you are TRUELY passionate about then you can have a lot of fun and make a lot of money with some of these domains….good luck!


Missing the Prime Visibility Team

Posted on February 26th, 2010 by AndrewHazenCom  |  5 Comments »

Bryan, Steve M., Matt and I miss the Prime Visibility team (NOTE – Bryan is under the red arrow)

Domainers LOVE Snow

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Part entrepreneur, part domainer – I love the snow and nothing can keep me away from Prime Visibility

Have a great day everyone and BE SAFE!

Available Domains with Potential

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The following domain names are either available for hand registration at the time of this post, or are pending delete and will be available shortly.

With passion and an entreprenurial mind….these domains have potential.


Austin Plane Crash – Domains Already Being Registered

Posted on February 18th, 2010 by AndrewHazenCom  |  2 Comments »

Within minutes of the trageic Austin plane crash today; I was not surprised to see related domain names being registered by the minute….

The following domain names were ALL registered today:

As domainer I think this is pathetic; unless the domains are being used to collect donations, broadcast useful information, etc.  Pretty pathetic when others try to monetize a tragedy!!

Improvements on Universal Search

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Nearly 3 years ago there were talks about Universal Search (see Search Engine Land article from 5/16/07) and over the years we have seen some changes in search results such as Google Local, Videos in search results, some shopping engine feeds, news feeds, etc.

Last night I was doing some research for and I was pleasantly surprised when I did a search for ice cream and saw the results below:

If you try this search yourself in Google you will see:

- A twitter stream in search results

- Google Local (google map) in search results

- Imagines in search results

- News feed in search results

- Book results in search results

This is a great example of how Universal Search is improving!

Does The Internet Take Snow Days?

Posted on February 10th, 2010 by AndrewHazenCom  |  2 Comments »

After a great night in NYC at a domainers meet-up, thanks again Elliot, I awoke this morning to a few inches of snow on the ground with another 8″ – 12″ to come….

As tradition has it, I check my blackberry before getting out of bed and began to see emails that asked if our Internet Marketing Company is open today…my first response is “Why, is the Internet down?” – I say that half-kidding because the mission of Prime Visibility is to “deliver extraordinary internet marketing services that exceed our clients expectations!”

Regardless of the weather, our eTail clients such as Lauren Hutton, Brother, Bagel Boss, MetroCandy, AllFreshSeafood, FadToys, etc. are all open for business regardless of the weather as well as clients like Lucille Roberts and the N9NE Group.  In fact, when the weather is bad more people are typically inside, at home, and on the Internet MORE….which is a BETTER time to market to them, increase PPC, send targeted emails and offers, etc., etc.

Now please DO NOT think for a moment that I do not care about the safety of the Prime Visibility team – I wholeheartedly do!  We are extremely fortunate enough to still operate, work and execute ANYWHERE we are so long as we have a computer/laptop and internet access….how great is that??  So while I am in the office this morning and I ain’t alone!  I feel good knowing that we are serving clients, thinking strategically about the weather and marketing and delivering on our mission to “deliver extraordinary internet marketing services that exceed our clients expectations!”

Have a great day and be safe!

Google Prepping for Twitter, Facebook Rival

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Later today, Google is due to launch a social product that will compete with the currently popular social networks – Facebook and TwitterAs the Wall Street Journal reported, Gmail will get a new module that will stream media and status updates of online friends. This module sounds like a Gmail Labs feature which could be enabled or disabled by account holder’s choice.

The LA Times blog ran a good piece entitled “Would adding status updates mean Gmail is having a case of Twitter envy?”

Google has already enabled watching YouTube videos in Gmail Chat. Whatever the integration into Gmail would be like, there’s always a kill switch to bring the service back to normal.

Silicon Alley Insider is already calling the feature Google’s “Twitter-Killer.” Sells for $370,000

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As a Long Islander and self-admitted domain addict, I have always had an interest in owned by Invision. 

Recently, the opportunity presented itself to purchase where the asking price was $500k – $1M; a price I was not willing to spend at the time…..however, in the past few weeks, feels like months, a lot has transpired and TODAY, hours before the closing of an online silent auction, the reserve price on was lowered to $350,000.  Please note that I was aware of the price reduction before the sale was over…

While I sat in a new client meeting in Manhattan, I stared at my phone just waiting for the results….and then it happened, the domain SOLD for $370,000 and at this point I don’t know who the buyer is but I sure am curious and even more curious to see what they do with this site based on some of the stipulations set forth with the purchase – see listing here

This domain has SO MUCH potential it’s insane!!  I won’t go too much into now as I’m sure the new owners might want to consult with us first…