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Football Playoffs Were Great for

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You know how I feel about my coupon sites….I’ve got nearly 50 of them!  This weekend was unbelievable for….with the following Google rankings, the site got plenty of qualified traffic this weekend:

# 7 Pizza Specials

#10 Pizza Delivery Specials

#11 Pizza Coupons

#9 Pizza Restaurant Coupons

# 1 & #2 Frozen Pizza Coupons

I also see that did very well too, traffic is up nearly 1,000% and doesn’t indicate that it’s slowing down at all.  Got to keep tweaking the SEO and inbound links…only two weeks until the Super Bowl. – Where Do You Think O’Brien is Going?

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On January 12, 2010 the domain name was registered by – what do you think??  Where is Conan O’Brien going? and Other Haiti-Related Domains…

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By @AndrewHazen

Being that I am a domain name addict, I had to check to see what was happening with haiti-related domain names given the recent tragedy…

I first checked which was regsitered on 1/12/10 and redirects to a google page talking about donating money for relief…This is a GOOD use of the domain name. is a parked site (which means they make money from serving ads) and was created on 1/13/10…hopefully this domain will be used with good intentions since it was just procured! was created on 1/13/10 and looks to be taking paypal donations…..doesn’t say what organization it is and when you click on the paypal button to “donate” the paypal page shows “Gift Baskets N Gifts”….certainly suspect – BE CAREFUL!! was regsitered today 1/15/10 and appears to be parked at the moment…..

Makes you think; doesn’t it!

Have a great weekend……

Looking for Quality Coupon Domains

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I know I have been on the quiet side lately….been focusing a lot on my Internet Marketing Company and doing MEGA site development since the New Year… of my goals for the new year is to focus more on those things that I enjoy and can also make money from….

I am looking for quality coupon related domain names….please send me what you’ve got to andrew [at]

thanks….hope your new year is off to a great start!  Please also note that I am blogging more often at the Prime Visibility blog so please bookmark this blog as well.

- @AndrewHazen

Is Twitter’s Data Worthless?

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Good post over at my Internet Marketing Agency on “Is Twitter’s Data Worthless?

It illustrates that Google and Microsoft are paying just about $0.03 for every 1,000 tweets they index in search results.

Please check it out and have a great day!

Google introduces its new phone: Nexus One

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After weeks of leaks and revelations, the Google phone has been officially revealed….it’s what Google calls a “Superphone”

According to Mashable, this is what they have learned so far:

- The specs match previous leaks. It’s a 3.7″ AMOLED display with a trackball.

- It comes with features such as a light sensor, GPS, and accelerometer. These are all features pioneered by Apple’s iPhone.

- It’s 130 grams in weight and 11.5 mm in width, about the width of a standard #2 pencil.

- The camera is 5MP with LED flash.

- The audio has received an upgrade. It has two microphones, one of which is used for noise cancellation.

- Customization is a key to the Nexus One. There are five home screens to customize your interface.

- Google showed off some of its dynamic touchscreen features of the software. For example, one of the wallpapers is a lake with leaves. When you touch it, it will ripple. It’s quite nifty, actually.

- They worked with the team at CoolIris to visualize photons on the Nexus One in a 3D environment. If you tap on an album, you’ll be able to quickly scan and load photos. You can also tip and dip photos based on your hand motions and the accelerometer.

- Every text field is voice-enabled. Every time you speak, it will process your speech into text. It gets better and better the more you use it.

The phone costs $179 on T Mobile with a two-year contract….to learn more go to

SEO Tips for Smarter Social Media

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There is a very good article out this morning at iMediaConnection on “SEO Tips for Smarter Social Media”

Article Highlights include:

  • Successful marketers must leverage the benefits of social media marketing and SEO
  • The personal nature of social media does more than provide valuable consumer insights
  • Social media will keep your brand in front of influencers and provide search engines with new content to index

    I recommend you read the entire article