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Giving It Up For Links…

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As you may or may not know, link building is an extremely important part of Search Engine Optimization (SEO)….Google has what is known as their PageRank which is a scale of 0 thru 10 on how “authoritative” a webpage is…each page within a website can have a different PageRank value…the chart below is an illustration of how PageRank works….




I typically say that if your Google PageRank is 0 – 2 it’s nothing to brag about it…you’ve got a lot of work ahead of you!


If your PageRank is 3 – 5 you are doing a very good job; keep it up and don’t stop…keep building relevant inbound links


If your PageRank is 6 – 8 FANTASTIC…you do not have to worry as much about building a lot of inbound links but you do need quality ones!


If you PageRank is 8- 10 God Bless You!!


 To find out what your PageRank is download the Google Tool Bar for Free - it has a PageRank Checker built into it (see below)




So the BIG question is always, “How do I acquire good, quality and relevent inbound links to my website?” 


A few years ago, I was very fortunate to be featured as an Internet marketing expert on the A&E Biography documentary entitled The Google Boys - there is a very good overview of Google PageRank in the A&E Show….In any event, the typical way you would go about acquiring inbound links to your website would include free directory submissions in the relevant categories (ex., paid directories like Yahoo’s paid directory for $299 a year, $299 a year and thru creating interesting articles, which contain links to your website, that are submitted to article directories such as eZineArticles and GoArticles..this is basically what “everyone does…”


We are NOT everyone…..


My team at Prime Visibility are some of the best and brightest in the industry and we are kicking butt when it comes to link building!  Here are some of the strategies and techniques we are successfully executing:


1.  Sample product(s) for backlinks……offer your product(s) in exchange for a yearly inbound link to your website.  The product value can vary depending on the value of the PageRank that will be linking to you.  For example,  offers a $10 gift certificate for an inbound link from a relevant site with a PageRank of 2-3; $15 for PageRank of 4; $20 for PageRank of 5; $25 for PageRank of 6-8 and $50 for PageRank of 8 – 10.  Obviously this won’t work if you sell $400 cameras or porsches; however you can get creative!  Think what you can afford to give away for some solid inbound links…


2. Offer Products/Services for reviews…..offer your products and/or services for review and the review itself will generate relevant backlinks to your site.  For example, went to and went to the Seafood Guide…..we sent some sample product to the person in charge of the Seafood Guide and as a result, is One of The Top 10 Places to Buy Fresh Seafood Online (NOTE – besides substantial credibility, this listing/link is from a webpage at with a 4 or 5 PageRank).  For Lauren Hutton, CleverCookie, MetroCandy and others they offer product for reviews and gain valuable inbound links for review sites and web publishers with high google PageRank


3.  Create the infamous “Link Bait”……By putting out content that people REALLY want to read and share, you get crazy links pointing to you and that content.  Two quick examples (a.) One Health-related client put out a list on Top 10 Reasons to Eat Breakfast in the morning – the first day it went out, the List received more than 26,000 unique visitors to the site; day two was about 16,000 then it went down but we got lots of links! (b.) I recently read about a massage company who took its staff to the offices of a highly stressed profession and offered the staff free massages….this got a lot of publicity and thus a lot of links pointing to it from blogs and news sites, which are credible sources for links.


There is more but this is certainly a great starting point….and I sense your information overload….

Ready to Explore Staten Island? Then Grab This Domain On The Drop…

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While going thru some domain drop lists today I spotted…being a New Yorker, I decided to dive a little deeper into this “island”…..


I started to do some keyword research in Google’s Keyword Tool and saw the following on a phrase match search for staten island:




Now it may not be a mult-million dollar a year site, but certainly has some potential and possibilities.  Depending on your resources and skill sets, you can monetize this site in various ways such as: Paid Directory Listings (with upsell to Featured Listings); AdSense, Direct Ad Sales to Staten Island businesses, affiliate revenue on hotel bookings, restuarants, car rentals, etc., etc.


There is also a fair amount of searches for Staten Island Advance which I recall is a local paper…could be a great strategic alliance to have the paper promote in print while you syndicate its news and gain impressions and eye balls online….


So…if you live in Staten Island and/or have tremendous passion for Staten Island, you should seriously consider picking up from the upcoming drop.   If you are also into Geo-Domains this might be a nice fit for your domain portfolio as well.

The Purchase and Flip of…in Less Than 6 Months

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Back in June I was fortunate to purchase at the Afternic Domain Round Table auction.  I had the site parked with for a few months but wasn’t making any substantial revenue as the site was hardly receiving traffic.


Then in early October, I decided to test out MiniSites with five keyword enriched domain names to see how well they would do with the web design, search engine optimization (SEO) and link building.  By the end of October, was launched as a minisite…


About two weeks ago, 11/19/09 when Francois from sent out his note about the first mockup of I decided to list….and BINGO a few days later the domain was SOLD for more than 2X what I paid for the domain name; not such a bad ROI for a domain I held for less than six months…..thanks Francois – I will certainly be listing more of my domains soon. – Nice Opportunity Over at NameJet

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I see is listed over at NameJet for only $70 and already has 16 bids…..No, I do not own the domain.  The appraisal is $590…


A quick jump into the Google Keyword Tool and my serial entreprenuer mind comes up with the following:


Self Defense itself is searched for more than 550,000 times each month with an average Cost Per Click (CPC) of $1.16; self defense books has approximately 5,000 searches a month with an avg CPC of $.68 and self defense techniques is searched for more than 18,000 a month…


With you can build a very nice niche portal focused on… guessed it; Self Defense!  You can obviously sell books, ebooks, videos, posters, online video lessons, membership forums, etc.  Even if you don’t want to take in product direct, you can sell as an affiliate to start…you can also blog, tweet, etc. and monetize the site via direct ad sales. 


If you can get the domain name for under $100 not a bad investment from my perspective – good luck! – another Hand Reg Opportunity

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All but 30 seconds ago I saw on a domain drop list and I think the following:


This is not a bad domain name to hand register for only $7.99 a year because tea and green tea are certainly trends on the rise and Spas too seem to be popping up all over the place…in fact I wonder what recession we are in when a few of our local spas are constantly booked for massage appointments…


According to the Google Keyword Tool, the term green tea itself is searched for more than 1,500,000 times each month; add in all the variations and cha-ching!  And when it comes to Spas? Spa is searched for more than 13,000,000 times a month; day spa 1,500,000 times a month; and resort spa 1,200,000 searches a month – need I say more??  PS – I also checked Google Trends to see how the terms tea, green tea, spa and spas are trending over time – see screen shot below:



Then I thought; Hey – what about a Spa that sells green tea and green tea products and that also offers spa treatments all centered around green tea?  The name of the place could be Green Tea Spa and the domain of course would be – heck this could even be a national franchise….sell products online; gift lines, etc..MMMmmmm maybe I should grab this myself, LOL


So there you have it; the mind of a serial entrepreneur in under three minutes (GRIN)….

URL Hall of Shame

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As a sequel to my post last week on Enough with FLAT URLs, I CANNOT Take It Anymore  I continue to be SHOCKED as major brands, and who I thought were savvy marketers, use FLAT URLs which will now be listed on the URL Hall of Shame below….if you spot a FLAT URL on TV or in print please let us know so we can add it to the URL Hall of Shame……here we go:

URL Hall of Shame

  1. – should be
  2. – should be
  3. - should be
  4. – should be
  5. – should be
  6. – should be
  7. - should be
  8. – should be
  9. – should be – Solar Power-related domain available for Hand Registration

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Solar Power will without a doubt be a part of our future….and when it comes to domaining and domain investing, some of us look towards future trends in order to ascertain what will be hot in the near future….which is why I own and (my first .ca acquisition)….


Today I see that is available from a domain drop list, which means you can hand register this domain name for only $7,99 at my site….not bad considering the Google Keyword Tool reports that solar power new york already receives more than 1,000 searches a month!


So…if you care about the environment or think that solar power is without a doubt going to be a part of our future during your lifetime then consider or any earth-friendly domain name such as or – Very Good Domain for the Car Kit Enthusiast

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While checking my morning domain name drop lists (hey – that’s what use domainers do!) I came across the domain name which is quite a good domain name for car kit enthusiasts….


According to the google keyword tool, Car Kits is searched for more than 200,000 times a month and words that are related to car kits such as car body kits, model car kits, body kits for cars, etc. all have thousands and thousands of searches each month….


With you could offer car kits for sale as well consulting services and perhaps some car phone kits as well; seems to be good search volume around that term as well….if you’re remotely interested, you better hand register while you still can for only $7.99 a year at (my new site devoted to domaining…should be finished soon)

Retailers Use Social Media To Replace Paper Ads

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Retailers are using online social networking to spread the word about bargains and it could have big payoff for both retailers and consumers.


They’re definitely not your grandmother’s Black Friday ads. This holiday season, the busiest shopping day of the year is all about social networking with consumers.


“This way it feels customized. It feels directly targeted towards them. They can pick and choose what they want to hear so it’s not like they’re flooded with information,” says consumer psychologist Kit Yarrow.


The National Retail Federation says almost half of all retailers are advertising more on social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter.


Major brands have developed massive followings. Starbucks has more than five million Facebook fans, and Coke has more than 4 million followers. And this holiday, retailers are luring consumers in by offering discounts and coupons just for their social networking fan bases.


“Retailers are going to be sending out info to consumers about what’s on sale where and it’s going to be up to the minute and fast,” says Yarrow.


Shoppers hitting the stores today say it is social networking and emails from advertisers that drew them out early and will probably be what draws them back out again tomorrow.


“Twice a week, I get coupons for Barnes and Noble that drag me in there, even if I don’t need anything,” says Rick L of California.


Craigslist founder Craig Newmark has been accused of ruining traditional advertising sales in newspapers with his online market place. He says the social networking trend is here to stay — largely because consumers love it.


“Social networking changes advertising in a big way because people will rely on what their friends and what trusted experts say that has implications for the future of advertising, that I’m not smart enough to figure out,” says Newmank.


One survey found that about 30 percent of online shoppers plan to use Facebook and Twitter for their holiday shopping this year, and with all of the bargains out there, it appears the consumers are the smart ones in this deal.


For more info stay tuned ane be sure to follow me on twitter –

I am thankful for a lot….including the DOT COM

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On the eve of Thanksgiving, I sit here and reflect on how fortunate I am to be where I am…..


First and foremost I am thankful for my wife and three boys – each minute with them is precious and memorable….they are extraordinarily supportive of my serial entreprenurial activities and have empowered me to be the success I am today. 


My parents certainly did something right when they raised me as I have some pretty solid values and very nice manners (GRIN).  Both my parents and in-laws are very supportive of all my ventures and constantly remind me that I can accomplish whatever I want…


My family, friends and team members at Prime Visibility and rockCANroll - I am thankful for your support and assistance….you are an intrical part of my life and not a day goes by that I do not take a moment to reflect just how lucky I am to have family, friends and team members that make my passion, vision and dreams a reality (some call this work…ha!)….


At last but not least, I am forever thankful to the DOT COM….without the Internet, I would most likely still be practising law and not be the visionary I am today….twelve years later!  The Internet has literally leveled the playing field for me and has allowed me to create a business that did not exist 15 years ago and to grow it significantly to twice appear on the Inc List of Fastest Growing Companies in 2007 & 2008.


So tomorrow – Thanksgiving 2009, let’s really take some time to reflect how thankful we are to have our health and loved ones with us.  Life is too short – you got to enjoy it!  Happy Thanksgiving everyone…..