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And as pointed out by

“Also no one seems to be bothered by this statement on the site for, which clearly states:
EZPAWN® and EZMONEY® are federally registered trademarks of EZCORP, Inc.”

Social media marketing is not a quick, free way to impact your bottom line.

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A comprehensive and well-planned Social Media campaign sounds like a lot of work because it is!

You have to do it right and invest A LOT of time….I mean A LOT upfront for you to see the long tail effects of your efforts.
Many things come into play with social media such as reputation, credibility, longevity, number of responses, frequency of activity, delivering helpful and useful info as opposed to self-serving info, etc., etc.

How do you accomplish this?  With a strategic Internet marketing plan that outlines a plan for social media optimization and marketing.

We have executed a “Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Eat Breakfast in the Morning” and by simply using our Digg power account, we drove 26,000 unique visitors to a website in one day…the POWER of social media!!  It does work well when done right!

Just read a great article this morning entitled: 5 Essentials for Social Media Marketing

Domain Sales Research Tool

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I came across an awesome Domain Sales Research Tool tonight – is a searchable domain sales index.  You can research domain sales comps, domain sales history, domain sales comparisons, domain auction results, and domain name resources as well as general domain information and tools

The POWER of Teamwork and Passion…

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I can tell you from first hand experience that Teamwork + Passion = SUCCESS!

When you work with a team that actually cares and has passion for the business you WIN!
When every team member feels as though they have contributed in some capacity to the companies
Success, you all win!

This might sound simple and straightforward but let me tell you that it is NOT so easy to follow…
Finding the RIGHT people isn’t always so easy…I think this plays towards the Entrepreneur vs. Worker-bee

Have you ever read Michael Gerber’s book the eMyth? I highly recommend it as it changed the way we conduct our business.

How To Manage Social Media Goals

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Here’s a great read from Mashable on How To Manage Social Media Goals and Expectations

It’s extremely important and vital to the success of any social media campaign that the Client’s expectations are realistic and the aren’t being sold a ‘bag of goods’